The last days of Pompeii


Mt Vesuvius looming over the main square of Pompeii

Here’s an odd bit of info from my childhood – I spent a lot of time watching horror and violent films when I was young, definitely before the age of seven and possibly as young as four. This was before the time when parents were advised to restrict the time children spend watching TV and the type of content being consumed (at least in Asia). I vaguely remember movies featuring Chinese vampires, Freddy Krueger and also, the strangest of all, a mini-series called the Last Days of Pompeii. This showcased the luxury lifestyle of the people in Pompeii and how it all came to an end when the volcano erupted. From time to time, my parents still mention that there was a period of time when I insisted on watching the Last Days of Pompeii while having dinner, otherwise I would refuse to eat! Continue reading

Entertainment on Wednesday evenings

Last night, I had an entertaining evening out with my colleagues. Every Wednesday evening (except during summer months), one unique form of entertainment in Hong Kong is to go to the horse races in Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island. Even though I had this image that the horse races are mainly for gamblers, that’s not true at all. You don’t have to be interested in gambling to enjoy it. In fact, I’d highly recommend to do it at least once, as it’s a great night out, with something to watch, lots of drinks and a great party atmosphere.

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Hong Kong, a foodie heaven

When I first moved to Hong Kong, I missed my favourite restaurants in London. Even though there is no shortage of European restaurants in Hong Kong, generally, they’re pricey and not as good as the ones in London, which is no surprise. However, over time, I’ve come to appreciate the restaurant scene in Hong Kong. There’s a lot of variety and Asian food is particularly good. On top of that, Western food is also pretty decent and new restaurants can be very innovative, with lots of fusion food. The restaurant scene changes very quickly and there are always new restaurants popping up. I’ve barely gleaned the food scene, as I still have a long list of restaurant to try but here are my top restaurants so far:

Yardbird, Soho

Yardbird courtesy of dimsumdiaries

Chicken meatball skewers (photo courtesy of

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Why do I have so many bosses?!


Thank God it’s Friday! I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, with different senior managers visiting from our Head Office in the US. As a result, I’m now coming down with a cold. As I move up the corporate ladder, I find that I spend less time doing actual work and more time on upward management and communicating to senior management. When I was a junior member of the team, all I had to worry about was delivering on my job and getting on with my direct manager.

Now that I’m more than ten years into my career, I have the ‘privilege’ of dealing with senior management, which means that I not only have to worry about my direct manager but also his boss and his bosses’ boss who heads up the International business segment. On top of that, we have a matrix organisational structure and so I also have to worry about my bosses’ indirect managers in the US (there are two of them), plus the managers’ boss! If you add all this together, I have to think about six different bosses. Bearing in mind that my whole team here in Hong Kong is only made up of five people and across Asia, we have around fifteen people, doesn’t having six bosses seem pretty excessive? Continue reading

Reblog: Get your blog noticed – Orchids & Sweet Tea

Hi fellow bloggers, Orchids & Sweet Tea is hosting a blog networking event. Please participate if you’re interested and also check out her blog, it has great posts on food including a recent one on yummy fried chicken.

Hi Ya’ll!! I’m doing another place for my fellow bloggers to Mingle & Mix It Up so that we can ALL get to know each other better! I loved that most of you took advantage of my previous one! So here’s another chance for the rest of you (and the one’s that participated last time too!) […]

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