My 2016 happy list

fullsizerenderAs I get older, I find that time passes by too quickly. I live one day to the next and all of a sudden, we’re at year end. A fellow blogger inspired me to come up with a list of things that I’m grateful for and my fond memories from 2016.

  1. Everyone in my family is generally healthy, with no major accidents or health issues. My parents live a hectic life commuting between Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore (where my sister lives), but generally they seem to be doing well. My sister had major health issues in the past but this year went by without any flare ups. Other than the occasional cold or stomach upset, my husband, my daughter and I had a pretty good year.
  2. My daughter turned two. She’s driving me nuts, both in good and bad ways. She’s my little angel but also such a cheeky girl. She loves teddy bears, singing, dancing, doing yoga, taking photos and of course, watching cartoons, but is picky with food, gets scared easily, still can’t sleep through the night and hits and kicks us sometimes. We’re both headstrong and rebellious, so poor daddy has to put up with the both of us.
  3. My husband and I celebrated our 14 year dating anniversary and 5 year wedding anniversary (I hope I got the numbers right). Thanks for being supportive and putting up with my mood swings, rants and disorganized approach to life. We’ve had our differences but somehow, we always manage to reconcile and move on.
  4. I visited many places – Sydney, London, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, to name a few. It was great catching up with friends and family, sightseeing, shopping and eating. My favourite trip was to Sydney, where hubby and I got to spend time as a couple as my parents were kind enough to babysit for a week. London was also unbeatable because it’s probably the place we would call home and we caught up with our close friends, visited our top restaurants but also introduced our daughter to the place that is so close to our hearts.
  5. Even though I moan about work all the time, I had a good year and achieved a lot. I like my team – everyone works hard and is always willing to help. We even dressed up as The Avengers for our Christmas party.
  6. We made new friends in Hong Kong, including our neighbor who also has a young daughter and for me, a new lunch buddy. Hong Kong is a very transient place; we had a couple of friends relocate to other countries after spending a few years here. On the other hand, we are also meeting new people and having friends visiting us throughout the year.
  7. I still keep in touch with most of my friends in other countries. Even though I don’t get to see them all the time, I know that when I’m in town, they’ll always welcome me and try to find time to see me. When we meet up, it’s like we haven’t been apart and we laugh together like the good old times.
  8. I read quite a few good books. I discovered new authors including Sue Monk Kidd (The Secret Life of Bees), Angela Marsons (Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series) and Robert Dugoni (The Tracy Crosswhite series).
  9. I had a quiet December at work and finally got around to starting a blog. I’m still finding my way and figuring out what my blog represents, but I’ve having fun doing it.
  10. I did not watch as many movies and series as pre-motherhood but we found time to watch a few good ones. I LOVE Game of Thrones, it is so exciting and keeps building up, with a great plot, good acting, fantastic scenery and big screen worthy action scenes. If I’m not mistaken, there are only two seasons left, and once the series is complete, we plan to re-watch it from the beginning. Here are a few memorable movies – The Conjuring II was super scary, Doctor Strange and X-Men: Apocalypse were good superhero movies and Star Trek Beyond which I watched on-board a plane but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.
  11. I finally saw my favourite Hong Kong artist, Aaron Kwok in concert. When I was a teenager, I used to copy his hairstyle and dance moves. I’m glad to say that he’s become increasingly popular over the years because he’s worked hard to improve his acting skills. I’m sure most of you don’t know him but most Chinese people would have at least heard of him. It was an amazing concert, with great choreography, a very fancy stage and a super-charged atmosphere.

So there you have it, my happy list for 2016. Happy New Year everyone and here’s to a great year ahead. Please feel free to share your happy memories from 2016.

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