A Malaysian Chinese New Year

I’m about to go on a 1.5 week vacation – it’s my annual trip back to Malaysia to spend time with my family during Chinese New Year, which falls on the 28th of January this year. I won’t be actively blogging, but let me share with you what I’ll be busy doing instead.

Chinese New Year is all about family. I have a big extended family which makes this time of the year even more festive. My mother is one of nine siblings while my dad is one of six. Nowadays, we tend to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mother’s family as my dad’s siblings are based in a different part of Malaysia. In the run up to Chinese New Year, my parents will be busy cleaning the house and preparing for the festivities by buying food and drinks which will be served to guests. Continue reading

How I fell in Love with Japan (Part 5 – Food)

Posting about a trip to Japan cannot be complete without a feature on food, which is one of the key attractions of Japan. I did a lot of research on restaurants prior to our trip and I’m glad to say that it paid off. Here are some of the highlights, in no particular order. Apologies for the long post, but this is also my last post on my trip to Japan.

Roan Kikunoi, Kyoto

There is no shortage of Michelin starred restaurants in Japan. In fact, Japan is the country with the most number of Michelin stars, with Tokyo and Kyoto occupying the #1 and 2 slots as the most-starred cities in the world.  We chose to visit Roan Kikunoi, a two starred restaurant by Chef Yoshihiro Murata who has a total of seven Michelin stars. Roan Kikunoi serves Kaiseki cuisine, which is the equivalent of a tasting menu and focuses on highlighting seasonal produce. Continue reading

How I fell in Love with Japan (Part 4 – Hakone)

Last but not least on my first trip to Japan is Hakone, a beautiful hot spring or ‘onsen’ region near Tokyo and Mt Fuji. Unfortunately, due to increased volcanic activity, this area was closed for some time last year and recently reopened to tourists, but parts of its are still closed. There is a sightseeing loop in Hakone which covers a number of transportation modes (train, cable car, boat, bus) and is a good way to enjoy the scenery. The highlight was the cable car ride which showcased panoramic views of the area. We were lucky that the weather was amazing when we were there, with clear blue skies such that we had a great view of Mt Fuji.


Spectacular view of Mt Fuji from the cable car

Continue reading

2016/2017 Tag

This is my first tag, a big thank you to cherry of Glimpses of my life for nominating me for the 2016/2017 Tag. Please check out cherry’s blog at https://myblogcherry.wordpress.com/ which contains lots of fun and interesting reads.

  1. Describe your 2016 in 3 words

Uncertain, learning, family

  1. Write the name of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.

The 2 people who made an impact to my year were my daughter and my manager. My daughter has changed so much in one year and made my life fun and interesting but also challenging and tiring. She’s given me so many new experiences and she’s always making me laugh.  Continue reading

How I Fell in Love with Japan (Part 3 – Miyajima)


Torii gate at sunset

Part 3 of my Japan trip brings us to Miyajima, a less well known place to overseas tourists. It is an island near Hiroshima and is known to the locals as one of the top three most scenic places in Japan. By ferry, it takes only 10 minutes to get to Miyajima from Hiroshima. Even though it can be easily done as a day trip, we spent a night there which was a wise decision as this is the best way to truly experience Miyajima. Continue reading