What if…..


What if I had studied in Australia instead of the UK?

What if I pursued my dream to become a doctor?

What if I went back to Malaysia right after university?

What if I never met my husband?

What if I hadn’t said yes when he proposed?

What if I didn’t move to Hong Kong?

What if I did not have a child?

The decisions I made over the years made me who I am today. I’d like to think that these ‘what ifs’ are playing out in parallel universes (note: I’m a sci-fi fan). Perhaps there’s a version of me who is married with kids in Sydney/Melbourne, another who is a doctor volunteering in third world countries, or yet another who’s still single and taking a gap year to see the world. Or perhaps there’s a version of me working long, stressful hours as a doctor, another who stayed in Malaysia and didn’t get as many experiences, or one who’s unhappy being single and a regular at speed dating events. In this universe, though, while I’ve regretted some of the choices that I’ve made, I’ve also had lots of opportunities and great experiences. I’m sure that I’ll have many more decisions to make and I’ll just have to do my best to pave my path forward.

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