Sunshine and good food in Sorrento and Capri

Port at Sorrento (and Mt Vesuvius in the distance)

During our trip to Pompeii, we stayed in Sorrento which is a beautiful and romantic town in Southern Italy. Of our many trips to Europe, this is one of the top five places that we’ve visited. There are two areas in Sorrento – the main tourist area on top of the cliff and the port by the water. While Sorrento is a tourist resort, it does not feel too commercialized and has preserved a rustic and laidback atmosphere. I love the narrow cobbled streets filled with shops, restaurants and cafes, the beautiful Roman architecture with grand villas along the cliff, with terraces overlooking the sea, and amazing food and wine.

Tourist area on the cliff top

It’s lovely just to walk around the streets in the main tourist area which is small enough to cover by foot. There are plenty of shops selling souvenirs and offering free taste of their famous locally produced liquor – limoncello. This bright yellow liquor was way too sweet and tangy for our liking, but definitely worth a try. Our favourite part of Sorrento was the fishing village at the bottom of the cliff. It’s a long walk down to the waterfront, but you can take the Sorrento Lift down (and up) for a cost of 1 Euro. It’s much quieter down by the water, with the fishing boats and a few restaurants being the main highlights.


We usually venture down to the port around sunset and have dinner in one of the restaurants. They serve fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. We had some of the best Italian food here. Wine is also reasonably priced and in one of the al fresco restaurants, it was cheaper than Coke. The only downside is that the lift was usually closed by the time we finished dinner, which meant that we had to stumble up hundreds of steps to get back to our B&B.

View from the Piazza at Capri
Main piazza at Capri

During our stay, we made a day trip to Capri, the glamorous, high end island which is 20-30 minutes away by ferry. After arriving at the marina, we took the funicular up to the main piazza of Capri. Capri lived up to its reputation, with pricey cafes and restaurants, expensive looking boutiques and fashionably dressed patrons. It was such a beautiful day when we were in Capri, with clear blue skies but also a cool breeze. We decided to take a walk from the town to the Arco Naturale, a beautiful arch high above the seas. The walk was pretty easy and there were signs guiding us along the way. I highly recommend this walk as it allowed us to get away from the crowd and enjoy unlimited view of the seas.

Gorgeous views along the walk
Arco Naturale

Unfortunately, our stay was way too short. I would love to make a trip back to explore the rest of the Amalfi Coast.

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