Rendezvous with Beijing – my first encounter

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent three months in Beijing during autumn 2012, under the pretense of studying Chinese (Note: I'm a Malaysian Chinese, but grew up learning Malay and English). Prior to this, I’d never been to Beijing and only visited China once, around Shanghai and Hangzhou. Even before my trip, I… Continue reading Rendezvous with Beijing – my first encounter


A touching moment

For those of you who've followed my blog for a while, you would know that I've been struggling as a working mum for a couple of years. Yesterday evening, I got home at a reasonable hour and had dinner with my daughter, followed by half an hour of TV time. We watched her current favourite… Continue reading A touching moment

Personal interests


Sorry for the inactivity in the past few weeks, it’s just been pretty crazy at work.  To kick things off, I’ll start on a positive note. We all have our ups and downs; certain years and times of our lives are better than others. 2012 was one of my best years, I have so many… Continue reading 2012


Happy Easter!

Hey everyone, I've been quiet for a couple of weeks as I've been slogging away at work, clocking up to 14 hour days. I've had the misfortune of being assigned a couple of tough projects, which coincides with my daughter's Easter break and having to move out of our home for a couple of days… Continue reading Happy Easter!