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Sorry for the inactivity in the past few weeks, it’s just been pretty crazy at work.  To kick things off, I’ll start on a positive note.

We all have our ups and downs; certain years and times of our lives are better than others. 2012 was one of my best years, I have so many fond memories and when looking through my Facebook page, it stands out as being pretty special. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 5 years already, how time flies. 

Hubby and I got married in 2011 and we were glad to have all the stress from wedding preparation behind us. While we went on a ‘minimoon’ straight after our wedding, we deferred our honeymoon until April 2012. Before we even started planning our wedding, we’d (with me influencing hubby) already set our hearts on going to Japan for our honeymoon. It turned out to be everything that we expected and more. Here’s the first post on our honeymoon:

How I fell in love with Japan (Part 1 – Tokyo)


2012 was also special because of the London Olympics. For anyone who lived in London at the time, I’m sure you remember all the hype leading up to the event. It was one of those events where you either love it or hate it (and surprisingly, there were quite a few Londoners who weren’t supportive, dreaded having to deal with the crowds and decided to leave town). We loved it. Most people I knew – colleagues and friends – were very excited about having the opportunity to be part of the Olympics. Months ahead, we signed up for the ballot to get tickets for events. Even though I’m not a big sports fan, I signed up for all sorts of random sports including weightlifting and archery. In the end, despite signing up for around 30 sessions, hubby and I only managed to get tickets to archery.

Pretty quirky performance at the opening ceremony
Another performance during the opening ceremony

Luckily, I had colleagues who were looking to sell their tickets. One in particular wasn’t excited about the Olympics but ironically, had tickets to the opening ceremony! Another had tickets to two badminton sessions and given that Malaysia had a good chance at winning a medal in this sport, I quickly laid claim to them. So, hubby and I started the Olympic season with a bang, by sitting at the top row and getting a bird’s eye view of the opening ceremony. It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had, from the festive atmosphere to the fireworks and entertaining performances, followed by cheering for Malaysia and Team GB.

That’s the Malaysia flag!

Surprisingly, we really enjoyed archery as well, which proved to be quite intense because of the complete silence when an archer is about to shoot, followed by the cheers or sighs of disappointment depending on the results. As for badminton, we went for the quarter-finals, where Lee Chong Wei, the Malaysian male representative, got through. He went on to semi-finals and won again. That sent me (and my Malaysian friends) into frenzy, trying to get our hands on tickets for the finals. I ended up staying up until 1am, clicking and refreshing the Olympics ticketing website and successfully spent a fortune on the most expensive tickets.

Badminton men singles final 
Unfortunately, we only got the silver medal

The day before the competition, I called up the Malaysian embassy and went there to get a Malaysian flag. Obviously, I forced hubby to cheer for Malaysia. The atmosphere was amazing – the Chinese and Malaysian supporters took turns shouting and cheering. Our seats were so good that we ended up sitting in front of the Chinese representative, Lin Dan’s wife. Unfortunately, this meant that we were surrounded by Chinese supporters so our cheers were drowned out. Even though Malaysia lost after three sets, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Our lives felt a bit empty after the Olympics ended, but I had something else to look forward too. I had managed to convince my manager to let me have four months off work, from September till December. I had signed up for a three months Chinese language course in Beijing. A friend had done it a couple of years ago and highly recommended it. I decided to go alone because hubby wasn’t too keen and if he came along, we would probably stick to each other instead of trying new things and making new friends. So, it was with a mixture of excitement and apprehension that I left for Beijing. Boy, my time in Beijing turned out to be such an adventure, way more than I expected. I’ll be doing a series of posts on this, but for now, let’s just say that I had a great time and lots of amazing experiences. I also learned a lot about Chinese culture, both good and bad.

This photo taken of a bridge at the Summer Palace in Beijing is a good depiction of my emotions when I headed out for my 3 month stay in Beijing

2012 – thanks for being such a great year!


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  1. Great to see you bag! I had wondered where you went.
    Wow! You really did have an exciting year I would say! Loved reading about it. Eager to hear more about your experience in Beijing.
    Memories can be so wonderful!

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