A generation of obsessive mums


(This post may make me unpopular with some women, so I apologize in advance if you find it offensive but this is just my observation and view.) I’m generalizing here, but it would appear that women these days seem to be prone to obsessing about certain things. I thought that it was bad when we reached late 20s/early 30s and we went through the wedding phase. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that my girlfriends turned into bridezilla, but there were certainly a few who exhibited telling signs such as spending tons of time trying on gowns (and expecting us to accompany her), being bossy and demanding, etc.

However, now that I’ve become a mum, I realise that it gets even worse! For some reason, a lot of women I know seem to turn into self-centered, obsessive people once motherhood hits them. These women tend to strive to be the best mum, provide the best for their little ones and expect all their friends to share in their excitement when it comes to their kids. I’m sure that I’m guilty of some of these traits in the past 2.5 years, but hopefully I’m not THAT bad.

This post was triggered by a recent incident with a woman who’s visiting Hong Kong with her 1.5 year old and even though she’s been here multiple times, she and her husband have been hassling me and my hubby with lots of questions about going around HK with a young child. Despite responding to their questions, there’re always more questions and concerns about not being able to travel by public transportation, going around with a stroller, finding baby friendly restaurants, etc. Even though they know full well that HK has narrow streets, is very crowded and not all restaurants have highchairs but may have sofas where babies can sit, there’s no compromise – their baby has to go around in a stroller (preferably not on a main road) and sit on a highchair.

And she’s not alone. I have lots of friends who enjoy posting tons of photos of their babies on Facebook, one who changed the name of our friends chat group to her daughter’s name and promptly went on to provide us with daily updates on her daughter’s development and bombarding us with photos and videos, some who can’t seem to go out with their kid unless accompanied by an entourage, some who insist that our dinner or lunch venues have to be at their doorstep so that they can rush home to see their kids, those who can’t seem to talk about anything except kid-related topics, some who can’t stop bragging about how clever and cute their kids are, quite a few who don’t allow their kids to take outside food or bad things like sugar and then goes on to lecture me for allowing my daughter to do so, etc.

I’m not saying that mummies shouldn’t be proud of their kids and shower them with love. My point is that quite a few mummies I know seem be over the top when it comes to their kids and their expectation for everyone to share their obsession is unreasonable. I’m guessing that it’s also not healthy for the children to be treated like little princes or princesses. With this trend, we might end up with the next generation being sheltered, spoilt and self-centered. In the meantime, my pool of female friends seems to be depleting because I can only take these obsessive mummies in small doses.

2 thoughts on “A generation of obsessive mums”

  1. So true. It’s crazy to see the lengths parents will go to accommodate every little detail for their child. I know someone who would drag their high chair along on every outing to family members houses, vacations, etc. Seems a little extreme to me. My kid does fine eating on my lap. Regardless, I worry I veer too much the other way- not talking to my friends about my kid very much. I worry I try to keep my life as a friend and my life as a mom too separate. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. It’s so hard to find the right balance, and there really isn’t an accurate answer. It’s what works best for each individual. LOL, dragging a high chair to every outing sounds like hard work! I’m definitely not that committed.

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