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How quickly we get used to living with terrorism

Hubby and I are flying out to Phuket tonight, yippie!! When I told my colleagues about it, one of them reminded me that there’s been bombings in Thailand. He’s referring to the explosion in a hospital in Bangkok which took place 3 days ago and wounded over 20 people. I just brushed aside his comment by saying that it doesn’t affect our travel plans, there’re even bombings in the UK!

That’s when it occurred to me just how quickly society has adapted to terrorism. Yes, it still makes headlines in the news and it’s shocking and sad, but compared to a few years ago when terrorism in Europe was still rare and not as large scale, the reaction these days is less pronounced. It’s really sad that this is the reality of life in the 21st century. 

I’m sure that one of the main reasons that we’re learning to live with terrorism is because – what are the alternatives? We can’t just hide in our homes and refuse to go out. Life goes on and we still need to commute to work, go out for dinners, etc. In the past, maybe we could have taken precautions such as avoiding higher risk areas. However, nowadays, most public places could be at risk, including train stations, concerts, offices, shopping centres, etc. Unless we avoid major cities altogether, it’s really hard to mitigate this risk. As for travelling, the alternative of just spending all my time in crowded and polluted Hong Kong doesn’t sound too appealing.

I’d like to offer my sincere condolences to all the family and friends of the victims of the Manchester bombing. Please feel free to share your views on terrorism and how you’ve learned to cope with it.

3 thoughts on “How quickly we get used to living with terrorism”

  1. Terrorism’s intent is to disrupt lives and cause fear. We can’t stop it as individuals but we can be prepared – meaning that we stand ready to react when something happens. The humanity of helping each other is what will let us pull through together.

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