Farewell to my childhood home


I couldn’t post last week because I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, helping my parents move. It was also my opportunity to bid farewell to the place that was home to me for a decade and I sometimes still call it home. When I was young, we moved houses a couple of times and finally settled in a double storey terrace house when I was just under 10 years old. That’s where my parents ended up spending 26 years.

This house has witnessed lots of memories, both good and bad. I remember lounging on the couch watching TV or taking an afternoon nap; having dinner with my mum and sis and when my dad gets home a bit later, we would also steal his food while filling him in on everything that happened during the day; having family and friends over to hang out occasionally, etc. It was also where my sis and I spent lots of time playing when we were younger, bickering and gossiping, while trying not to get into too much trouble. We’ve had countless arguments throughout the years, especially during my teenage years. But we always made up, because at the end of the day, we’re family.

I didn’t help much in terms of packing, but I did share in the nostalgic feeling of the process. My parents shared old photos with us, my best friend and I laughed at how bad our fashion sense was ; my mum showed us her medal for a hockey tournament when we didn’t even know she played hockey; I went through my old school yearbooks and report cards; we also stumbled upon old birthday cards and gifts we still kept; etc. My sis and I also went through the books from our teenage years and we insisted that we kept our collection of Calvin & Hobbes comic books, while sadly saying goodbye to Famous Five.

Over the years, our house has aged and is in need of a major renovation. As it’s only my parents who live there these days and they spend half their time abroad, it has also become tedious to maintain the house. So even though we’re all sad to say goodbye to our home, it makes sense  for my parents to downsize. People are the most important part of a home, so we’ll treasure all the memories from the past 26 years but I’m sure that we will build another home.


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