The tale of the red umbrella

red umbrella

The title of this post sounds mysterious and romantic, but to manage your expectations, dear readers, let me start by saying that this is actually a post about genetics, upbringing and siblings. About a month or so ago, we bought a couple of umbrellas because it’s been absolutely pouring down in Hong Kong. I bought a red umbrella which surprised me when I used it for the first time – pretty little flowers appeared all over the umbrella when it got wet. I liked it so much that I thought that it’ll be a great gift for my sister, who loves the colour red.

After I bought one for her, I messaged her and told her about it. She replied by saying ‘I think I have the exact same umbrella!’ When she sent over a photo of her umbrella, it proved to be the same one! What are the chances?! She had bought it when she was on holiday in Japan last year. Isn’t it amazing that I know my sister so well and also how we share similar tastes?

My sister and I have very different personalities but our mannerism, expressions, tastes and interpretation can be very similar. For example, when my husband asked me to draw a motorcycle, I ended up drawing a bicycle. When I asked my sister to do the same, she drew a bicycle too. When I visited her in Singapore last year, I bought a pair of sandals from a store near her home. Earlier this year, I discovered that she had unknowingly bought the same design! Growing up, we also had weird words that only the two of us understood. During my sister’s years abroad in university, she wrote emails to us and randomly translated Chinese words into English (because we didn’t know how to read and write Chinese). Miraculously, I was the only one who understood her.

It’s great having someone who understands me so well. Do you have a sibling? Are you close to your brother/sister?



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