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My favourite books in 2017

Happy new year all! Sorry for the delay, been busy going on holidays and doing nothing much at all.


One thing that I managed to do more of in 2017 was reading and hopefully this will continue in 2018. With the little one a bit more independent, I can now squeeze in some reading time during the evenings and weekends. I’m also lucky enough to have a couple of friends who have shared books with me. Here are my favourites from what I read last year. To all other readers out there – please share if you’ve read other great books recently.

The Handmaid’s Tale  by Margaret Atwood (science fiction) – what a great and terrifying book. It brings to life some of the fears that women live with, that one day we’ll be stripped of our rights and forced to be nothing but a child bearing machine. I’m also one of those who is always worried about cyber terrorism given the fact that records of my entire life are in cyberspace – who I am, what I’ve done, what I own, etc. The Handmaid’s Tale is essentially my worse nightmare where someone has the power to remove or alter my whole life because they control these systems and records. I haven’t seen the TV series but I’ve heard good things about it, so that’s something for 2018.

Robert Galbraith’s Strike Series (crime) – JK Rowling has filled us with wonder again, this time not by her wizardry imagination but by through suspense and horror, and most importantly, by displaying how versatile she is. I’ve read all three books and my favourite is still the first (The Cuckoo’s Calling). The series keeps getting darker and the suspense and how the story ties together at the end of each book keeps me wanting more. However, what draws me to this series is the main characters who are nowhere near perfect but complement each other so well.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (fantasy) – I wrote about this book in one of my earlier posts because I thought it was a very well written fantasy book. I read it very quickly because it created this world of magic that was so different and interesting. This is no Lord of the Rings, but it’s an easy read that’s light hearted and suited for readers who want to get lost in a fantasy world and forget about our day-to-day worries, but not have to worry about remembering difficult names or having to commit time and energy to read multiple books.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd (coming-of-age novel) – I think of this book as a less serious version of To Kill a Mockingbird (one of my all time favourite book). It discusses similar issues around racial tension and is also told from the point of view of a child, but I felt that it was less heavy and shocking. The story is centered around the relationship of a 14 year old white girl with her nanny who is an African American. One of the scenes which stuck with me the most from this book is how determined her nanny was to exercise her right to vote. I liked how this book not only focuses on racial inequality, but of the strength of these women against adversity.

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas (fantasy) – This was sort of a guilty pleasure read, as it’s more suited for young adults and focused a lot on good looking characters and romance. I enjoyed the first two books very much and even stayed up late to finish them. They were entertaining, fast moving and had all the right ingredients for a popular read – likeable characters, magical powers, fairies, an evil king trying to gain power, a final task to save the world, etc. Unfortunately, I found the third book to be a let down, as it felt like the main characters just kept making stupid mistakes, didn’t get the big picture and there was just a little too much focus on romance.

4 thoughts on “My favourite books in 2017”

  1. I’ve also read Uprooted, Handmaid’s Tale and The Cuckoo’s Calling! I enjoyed Handmaid’s Tale…it was a terrifying book! Uprooted, I also enjoyed. You’re right, it’s a light read for those who enjoy fantasy, but nothing too serious.

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      1. Silly me, for some reason I confused the books! Of course I’ve read the Cuckoo’s Calling, I was thinking of something else. Shame you didn’t like it, I found it pretty gripping.


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