A generation of obsessive mums


(This post may make me unpopular with some women, so I apologize in advance if you find it offensive but this is just my observation and view.) I’m generalizing here, but it would appear that women these days seem to be prone to obsessing about certain things. I thought that it was bad when we reached late 20s/early 30s and we went through the wedding phase. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that my girlfriends turned into bridezilla, but there were certainly a few who exhibited telling signs such as spending tons of time trying on gowns (and expecting us to accompany her), being bossy and demanding, etc. Continue reading

A touching moment


For those of you who’ve followed my blog for a while, you would know that I’ve been struggling as a working mum for a couple of years. Yesterday evening, I got home at a reasonable hour and had dinner with my daughter, followed by half an hour of TV time. We watched her current favourite cartoon – Dumbo. For those of you who’re not familiar with this, it’s a heartwarming Disney cartoon which was released in 1941 and features an elephant with big ears who gets bullied because of this. Continue reading

Gosh, why is it SO hard?!


The past couple of years have probably been the toughest time of my life. Not because I had particularly bad luck or my heart broken, but because I became a working mum. Nobody warned me that it’s one of the toughest roles out there! I was hoping that it would gradually become easier but no luck so far. In fact, with my manager going back to the US and having to take on more responsibilities at work, it’s only getting harder. I should really be happy that I got promoted but I realized that it also meant longer hours at work, and hence, less time with my daughter. This morning was especially tough as she’s down with a cold and so she cried and clung to me when I left home. Continue reading

My two year old is going for an interview today


My hubby is taking our daughter for an interview today. This is already the second time that she’s been interviewed, at the tender age of two. Now why would a two year old need to go for interviews? This is part of being in Hong Kong, which has a highly competitive education system with toddlers having to attend interviews just to get into kindergartens. Our daughter has had it easy with just two interviews so far. Some of our friends’ children have already been to 5-10 interviews at this age. Education is such a focus in Hong Kong that even companies host sessions with education consultants (I didn’t even know this job existed!) to help their employees and clients understand and navigate the education system. Continue reading

What I now understand about my parents


As I’ve just returned from a visit to my hometown, I decided to write a post related to my parents. After becoming a mum, I am more appreciative of my parents given that I have experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of parenting. On top of that, though, there are a number of simple things which finally make sense. When growing up, especially during my teenage years, I wondered why my parents did certain things or behaved in certain ways. Now I realise – my sister and I made them that way! Here are a few examples. Continue reading