Was the July 1st Anniversary a Celebration?


Photo courtesy of crienglish.com

Last Saturday, it was the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China. There were fireworks, lots of news coverage and President Xi graced us with his presence. There were also lots of crowds gathered – mainly in Wan Chai where the celebrations took place, but also around Victoria Park where there were protests.

Back in 1997, China agreed to ‘one country, two systems’ which meant that HK will remain independently run for 50 years. It is debatable whether China has kept to their end of the bargain. Most Hong Kongers would say no. I only moved to HK at the end of 2013, but even so, I can tell that HK has changed a lot over the years. Continue reading

How quickly we get used to living with terrorism

Hubby and I are flying out to Phuket tonight, yippie!! When I told my colleagues about it, one of them reminded me that there’s been bombings in Thailand. He’s referring to the explosion in a hospital in Bangkok which took place 3 days ago and wounded over 20 people. I just brushed aside his comment by saying that it doesn’t affect our travel plans, there’re even bombings in the UK!

That’s when it occurred to me just how quickly society has adapted to terrorism. Yes, it still makes headlines in the news and it’s shocking and sad, but compared to a few years ago when terrorism in Europe was still rare and not as large scale, the reaction these days is less pronounced. It’s really sad that this is the reality of life in the 21st century.  Continue reading

Technology – can’t live without it, can’t live with it


For my generation, there are quite a few life changing developments which are linked to technology. When I was around ten, my dad brought home one of those box-like computers with the DOS system. Some of you are probably not old enough to have seen these ancient computers with the green or white writings on black screens. My sister and I had fun playing simple games like PAC-MAN and pinball on the computer. Continue reading

The ridiculously overpopulated city that I live in


A government poster advocating burial at sea

Let me apologise in advance for covering a bleak subject in today’s post, but I find the situation in Hong Kong so unique that I had to share it. This poster which was on display in the MTR (subway) stations recently caught my attention. I’ve never seen a government advocate one type of funeral versus another, it’s so personal that it doesn’t seem right. I’m certain that one of the reasons that the Hong Kong government felt the need to promote burial at sea is due to the top issue that this city is facing – extremely high density. Continue reading

My two year old is going for an interview today


My hubby is taking our daughter for an interview today. This is already the second time that she’s been interviewed, at the tender age of two. Now why would a two year old need to go for interviews? This is part of being in Hong Kong, which has a highly competitive education system with toddlers having to attend interviews just to get into kindergartens. Our daughter has had it easy with just two interviews so far. Some of our friends’ children have already been to 5-10 interviews at this age. Education is such a focus in Hong Kong that even companies host sessions with education consultants (I didn’t even know this job existed!) to help their employees and clients understand and navigate the education system. Continue reading