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My two year old is going for an interview today

My hubby is taking our daughter for an interview today. This is already the second time that she’s been interviewed, at the tender age of two. Now why would a two year old need to go for interviews? This is part of being in Hong Kong, which has a highly competitive education system with toddlers… Continue reading My two year old is going for an interview today

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Women, the lesser gender at work

A friend of mine recently asked me what I thought about Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. Unfortunately, while I’ve heard of this popular book and the cult following it has amongst women, I have not read it. To be honest, motivational self-help books is my least favourite genre. So, even though I’ve added Lean In to… Continue reading Women, the lesser gender at work

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I need some fresh air

Over the past couple of weeks, red alerts have been issued in over 20 cities in Northern China due to severe air pollution.  We have seen images of cities covered in smog and children taking exams while wearing masks. This is not the first time it has happened nor will it be the last, despite… Continue reading I need some fresh air

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My introduction to life with a domestic helper

In Hong Kong and a few other countries in Asia, we have access to affordable help in the form of ‘domestic helpers’ – typically women originating from some of the less developed nations in the region like Indonesia and Philippines. Domestic helpers are tasked with taking care of our homes including cleaning, cooking, taking care of… Continue reading My introduction to life with a domestic helper

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Where do I call home?

Compared to my parents’ generation, I have led a more international lifestyle. The first time that my parents traveled overseas was to attend university in London. Due to a combination of technology and budgetary constraints, my dad told me that he had to transit in four airports in order to get from Malaysia to the… Continue reading Where do I call home?