Malaysia, a truly multi-cultural country

When I first met my hubby more than ten years ago, he wasn’t sure where Malaysia was and thought that it was a rural country, covered with jungles (not entirely wrong). In recent years, Malaysia has been making headlines so I’m sure that most people have at least heard of it but mainly for the… Continue reading Malaysia, a truly multi-cultural country

Social issues

Where do I call home?

Compared to my parents’ generation, I have led a more international lifestyle. The first time that my parents traveled overseas was to attend university in London. Due to a combination of technology and budgetary constraints, my dad told me that he had to transit in four airports in order to get from Malaysia to the… Continue reading Where do I call home?


Struggles of a Western Chinese mum

There aren’t many events which I would call life changing, but becoming a parent certainly tops that list. I remember having a blissful pregnancy, followed by a painful delivery process and stepping straight onto the steep learning curve of motherhood. As if parenthood is not challenging enough, I was also faced with information overload and… Continue reading Struggles of a Western Chinese mum